How do you find a good German translator?

In some cases, we need a German translation. The German language is not very popular, which is why a small part of us know it. Even if we can boast a basic knowledge of the German language, in many situations a much better solution is to entrust German translations to experienced professionals . How to find a good specialist in German translation? We will try to answer this question in today’s article. We invite you to read!

A good German translator – how to find one?

Before we find a good German translator, we should remember about a few extremely important issues. The basic thing that should characterize a person carrying out a German translation is the language qualifications. A good translator of German should be very familiar with this language, and translating it into Polish should come to him in a way. The person who prepares the German translation cannot translate it literally, but when it is necessary to paraphrase it in such a way that it gives the correct meaning.

A good German translator should also be very specialized in several clearly defined areas, e.g. medicine or forensic terminology. For example, qualified sworn translators are responsible for translating German within court documents and many other legal acts. Such documents can never be translated to “street people” who are not very well versed in the intricacies of this particular specialization. For all sorts of serious, such German translations made by random people without qualifications will be unacceptable.

The translator we would like to use should also have experience. His work experience can tell us a lot about the quality of his translations. Many people believe that a person learns throughout their life. In the case of translators, this saying is particularly relevant. No foreign language, including German, can be learned one hundred percent quickly. There are always new things to discover that we had no idea about before. The longer someone does translations of German, the more he will be able to learn the nuances that previously eluded them. The longer a given German translator is, the better the translations should be.

Industry portals

It is worth starting your search for a good German translator by searching industry portals. People who translate German advertise themselves on this type of website and can boast of the necessary experience. In order to make a good decision regarding the choice of translator, it is also worth looking for opinions about individual people on online forums. From the entries of Internet users, you can learn many interesting things about a given person who translates German.

Translation can be easily ordered online. However, it is worth remembering that this does not apply to a sworn translation. In the case of sworn translations, it is necessary to deliver and collect the material in paper form . If we are looking for a sworn translator to translate court documents, first we should check exactly where his translation agency is located. It may turn out that a given translator lives quite far from our current place of residence, so reaching them will be quite problematic.

Translation office

If we are looking for a professional, experienced German translator, a very good solution also seems to be going to a professional translation agency. A good translation agency should employ qualified professionals who will provide us with a German translation of appropriate quality and in accordance with the previously agreed schedule. How much does it cost to use a translation agency? It is worth knowing that the exact price depends on many different factors. First of all, we are talking about, for example, the type of text that we have decided to translate. Of course, the length of the text, measured by the number of A4 pages, is also very important. We will not pay the same for translating one page of a concise text as for fifty pages of an elaboration written in highly specialized vocabulary.

How much does a German translation cost?

Length is not the only feature of the text that is taken into account when evaluating a translation. The content of the text and the subject matter are very important. In order to translate highly specialized texts from a specific industry, you need professional knowledge. Specialist knowledge is essential for this type of German translation. In order to correctly translate medical documents, you must be familiar with medical terminology. German or English translations are much cheaper than less popular languages ​​such as Chinese, Swedish, Norwegian or Czech. The deadline also affects the price of the translation – the sooner we want to receive the translation, the higher the price will be.