What TV for a small apartment?

In most houses, the most important role is played by the living room and the TV set there . It is a source of entertainment for the whole family, but what, however, when our apartment is small? We do not have to give up the TV, it is enough to choose it properly.


What size TV for a small room?

In small rooms, a small TV set will, of course, work well . When choosing the right diagonal, we should first of all consider the distance between the TV and the place from which we will watch it. The optimal solution usually turns out to be a 32-inch model. Even a short distance will not be disturbing and adversely affect the quality of the watched program. To get even better results, we can invest in an HD or Full HD model, in this way we will obtain excellent image quality, despite the small space we have.


In which rooms is a small TV a good choice ?

A small TV set is recommended for a small kitchen or living room. If you decide to use a Full HD TV, the image seen even up close will not be of bad quality. When choosing a TV for a child’s room, it will be used not only for watching cartoons, but also for playing console games, then its correct size is also important. The device in a small children’s room cannot take up a lot of space, and at the same time it must have good image quality so as not to harm the eyes of a young person.


Why is the distance from the TV so important?

To enjoy the best resolution possible, do not purchase as large a screen as possible. Too much equipment in a small room will cause our eyesight to constantly shift from left to right to be able to capture the entire image, which will have a very negative effect on it. This can lead to pain in the eyes, head and neck, and the image itself will not be impressive. The best solution is to buy a device with a smaller diagonal and HD resolution, a good solution is also a model with Ambilight technology, thanks to which the screen will become optically larger and the image will gain depth. To make watching TV comfortable and safe for us, choosing the right distance and TV model is a very important matter.

What must a TV set for a small room?

  • Gesture and voice control

A very useful option especially in small rooms. Such models are equipped with a microphone that receives our commands, while the motion sensor receives all gestures. In this way, we no longer need the traditional remote control, and we can control the TV easily and quickly without getting up from the couch.

  • The right connectors

If we want to use the device in many ways, we will need HDMI, USB and DVI connectors. Thanks to them, we will be able to connect all kinds of additional devices one day.

  • Refreshing the TV

It’s good if the refresh rate is as high as possible. Thanks to it, the image is smooth, it does not stutter and we do not notice pixels on the screen. It should be at least 200 Hz.


Where is the best place to put the TV ?

If you’ve already decided on a TV with the appropriate parameters and size, it’s time to choose its place. A good proposition for small rooms is to place the TV on the wall. Unfortunately, such assembly is not always possible, it all depends on the type of wall construction. Wall mounting means that our device will not take up valuable space on a table or other furniture. There are many special TV brackets available in stores, however, before purchasing them, you should find out the weight of the TV itself and its diagonal to choose the right product. Another place where we can put the TV is a recess, which will also allow us to mask unsightly-looking cables. The traditional proposal is to put it on a table. To reduce the number of cables, it is better to choose a model with wireless connections. It is not worth putting the TV on the stands,


Which technology to choose?

We can choose from LCD, plasma and OLED technology. Plasma TVs that are not characterized by any particularly good quality are less and less popular. A better solution is LCD technology, which provides high-quality images. The most expensive, but so far the best technology is OLED . These models are produced in Full HD quality, and devices in 4K version will probably also be available. Unfortunately, for many of us, the price of such a TV is too high. For such a model, you have to pay even several thousand zlotys, despite the excellent quality of black and sensational contrast, it is too high a price for many people. If our budget does not allow us to spend such an expense, it is best to choose a TV set in LCD technology.

If our apartment is not too big, it is worth making the interior as functional as possible. The TV set must be placed in a place that will not disturb other household members.